The current Newbridge General Store is situated at 36 Lyon Street, corner of Lyon and Burke Streets, Newbridge Victoria 3551.

The Store opened on the 26th February 1855. The store as it was known then faced Burke Street and was situated between the Tarnagulla Inn and the Newbridge Post office. The store operated under the several ownerships, the first being John Elliot (a grocer from Spencer Street, Melbourne).


In March 26th 1905, the Original Store, Post Office and the Tarnagulla Inn were destroyed when a fire broke out in the wax matches section of the General Store. The Fire fuelled by lighting kerosene, sulphur and wax was so intense that all of the town stood back and watched it destroy the Tarnagulla Inn and the Post Office. The Newbridge Chaff Shed at the rear of the Store was saved as it was mainly constructed of Galvanised iron. The out going mail that had been cleared for transport on the next morning was all that remained.











Over the next 6-months, the Tarnagulla, Murphys Creek & Irishtown Cheese factory, that had been closed for around 10 years, was dismantled and relocated to the location as above photo indicates. The Building was then attached to the chaff shed to form one building. In October 1905 the store re-opened as the Newbridge General Store which included the Chaff Mill, Mechanics Workshop, Post Office and the General Store. The Tarnagulla Inn remained closed, but the liquor licence was transferred to the General Store. The rear of the store included an annex with a mechanics pit.


The 'Newbridge General Store' remains a Historical, Cultural and Social meeting place for the community and travellers alike. A very popular meeting place for travellers to rest and enjoy the river scenery and street scape. The peace and tranquility of a walk along the river is a welcome rest after a long drive.


Although still providing basic needs such as Groceries, Camping, Hardware, Automotive, Newagency and a Post Office, The stores main focus at present is the Housemade Quality Food and Drink. Meaning Pastries, Schnitzels and Even Beer.


The Store Thrives on their Daily Baked Pastries and In-House made beer


The Newbridge Brewing Company has now come into fruition, providing our own recipe beers to add to your stop here in Newbridge.

With an ever so growing establishment, Newbridge Brewing Co products are now available to be purchased from our cellar door to drink in or takeaway


The Newbridge General Store

A great place to meet, visit, dine in, have a drink and catch up with friends.


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